Premium Artisanal Spices For Regional Cuisines

We are an artisanal spice-mix brand, crafting blends from best-in-class natural ingredients from heart-land India.We truly believe that food in India is diverse and culturally nuanced hence we explore these artisanal flavours to give you that authentic local taste which is hard to find otherwise.   

Our products are chemical & preservative free & are freshly pounded in our own Masala Chakkis. We prefer pounding our masalas to grinding as it helps to retain flavour better and provide a coarser texture to give you the most authentic regional taste. 

By purchasing Masala Tokri products, you not only explore authentic regional cuisines  but also help preserve traditional secret-recipes, which would otherwise get lost over time. 

Aarti Samant & Urmila Samant

Aarti Samant & Urmila Samant

Mom and daughter duo behind the brand Masala Tokri